I Have Returned

25 July 2017

I'm back!

Also, merry half-Christmas!

After two years in Albera, I've returned to the East and am enjoying being home. I didn't do an excessive amount of programming while I was gone, although I was a pretty big influence in bringing uniformity to our mission's reporting system. I was tasked with creating the new reports to be used in the leaders' monthly meetings; this also involved introducing automation to the reports, which made gathering and presenting the information much more simple and efficient. As our resources were limited, this was all done in Google Sheets, which brought many challenges but also some nifty opportunities.

Right now I'm in the process of discovering changes that happened while I was gone. I've discovered a few things that broke in my absence as well; notably, my laptop is having some serious issues so I'm trying to see if it can be fixed, and also my RSS Fetch app doesn't seem to be working on my phone at the moment. I'm still trying to figure out if it's an issue with the phone or an issue with the app, but either way I hope to have it fixed soon. (UPDATE: It turns out the issue was with an outdated build configuration. This has been fixed and pushed to the Google Play Store.)

Otherwise, life continues and I've begun my search for a job, which I hope to find by September.

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