All good things come to an end

15 September 2019

Hello again! After 5 years of intermittently updating this blog (and more years than that maintaining this site), I've come to the decision to officially retire it from active maintenance.


What does this mean for the future of this site? I won't be adding blog posts for the forseable future, and I won't be keeping any of the other pages up to date. For now I'll be leaving everything as-is, as I believe the content has historic value and I'm investing my time elsewhere. There are already some broken links on the project page due to changing Google Play policies leading to the removal of a couple of my apps from the play store.

A major influence for my decision to stop maintaining this site is that I started another site,, for my mobile apps (and to have somewhere to put the privacy policies and legal information for them), and I've found maintaining two extremely similar sites to be a bit much considering the amount of free time I have.

I have plans to migrate more of my projects page to, as well as perhaps writing a couple articles (details of my exploits into baking my MacBook seems like it would be interesting). I haven't figured out the best way to integrate these into the new site yet, but I'll probably end up expanding the apps page into a more generic project page. Regardless, I don't have any plans of returning to a blog format.

Check out my new site if Android apps and legal documents interest you (I'll understand if they don't), and if I don't end up picking this site back up down the road then adieu.

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