File Renaming Wizard

27 June 2014

Alright, so this will most certainly be useless for anyone that doesn't work in a certain division of Service Canada, but I figured that I'd talk about it here anyway.

With no further ado, I was subcontracted to create a desktop application that allows for easy renaming of multiple files to comply with the new branch-level naming convention. (By my brother who works there; well, we both work there now, although I'm in an entirely seperate division of it… but still)

If you wish to see the application, you can get it here: FileRenamingWizard.exe

(Edit:) Alternatively, if you want the source you can get that here (complete with open-source license):

The file renaming wizard is coded in C# with WPF used for the front-end display. It quite simply renames files that are dropped into it from Windows Explorer with input from the user, while accepting multiple files (which if it didn't it would be kinda useless) and also fetching files from directories dropped into it.

Another significant feature is that it provides a preview screen for any word, html, or text documents and gives a button to open any other types of files.

Some screenshots:

The initial droppable window
The initial droppable window

The processing window
The processing window

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