RSS Fetch

18 May 2015

My previously mentioned RSS Fetch app is finally finished and on the Play Store!

RSS Fetch is a simple RSS feed reader that helps people keep up-to-date with their favourite news sites and blogs. I have it translated such that it's available in English, French, and Spanish (although the French translation's mildly sketchy).

As promised, here's a feature list of what the app can do:

  • Feeds are added by specifying the URL of either the feed itself or a website that references it.
  • Feeds can be automatically updated
  • Notifications (with optional vibration) can be shown when new posts are found after an automatic updates
  • Users can have multiple RSS feeds at a time
  • Posts can be shown either in their own view with swiping between them, or split beside the list of posts (in landscape)
  • JavaScript can be enabled in the post display (disabled by default)
  • 'Tis free (at the small cost of small ads across the bottom)

I'll be updating it very soon, since the title of the show post page is currently "Show Post" instead of the name of the feed (a completely accidental feature that appeared when I implemented swiping between posts). That fix will have to wait until after the exam I have tomorrow and my presentation the day after, but hopefully I'll find other things to fix with it.

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