STO Bus Finder

26 June 2014

Hey, so, my first Android app!

Here it is, for anyone that's interested: STO Bus Finder

It's a simple enough app, and I'll be adding to it more as time goes on. Essentially, the busses in my area have a service whereby you text in a number corresponding to a bus stop and they send back a text with the times that the next busses will be passing by. What the app does, then, is that it sends the text for you and then recieves and formats the reply.

The main feature is that you can store favourite stops so that with only a couple taps you can know when the next bus to work leaves, or how soon you would have to leave work to catch the next bus.

I mostly made this app for my own convenience, and use it frequently, but given it's convenience I felt it expedient to give others the opportunity to try it out.

Future plans for the app include the capability to automatically populate the favourites list with frequently fetched stops and (most definitely) better french translation.

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