Bus Finder Updated

11 October 2014

Alright! So I finally found some time amidst the schoolwork and updated the STO Bus Finder app a bit. Most notably, the updates include:

  • The enter key on the phone's keyboard now fetches the times and closes the dropdown of recommended stops
  • The clear button on the 'Bus Stop' text field (the little blue 'x') is slightly larger and therefore easier to press
  • Under settings, the option to clear the automatic favourites was added

The new update should be on the Play Store soon, I just have to upload the new package and update the listing (to list the changes and satisfy Google's new requirements for Play Store listings).

I've discovered that the server my site's on doesn't seem to like dishing out certain files such as the images on the art page. It might just be a problem with my code or configuration file, but either way I hope to have that fixed soon.

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