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RSS Fetch

A simple, light-weight, RSS feed reader for Android devices

RSS Fetch is a simple RSS feed reader that helps people keep up-to-date with their favourite news sites and blogs. I have it translated such that it's available in English, French, and Spanish (although the French translation's mildly sketchy).

Here's a feature list of what the app can do:

  • Feeds are added by specifying the URL of either the feed itself or a website that references it.
  • Feeds can be automatically updated
  • Notifications (with optional vibration) can be shown when new posts are found after an automatic updates
  • Users can have multiple RSS feeds at a time
  • Posts can be shown either in their own view with swiping between them, or split beside the list of posts (in landscape)
  • JavaScript can be enabled in the post display (disabled by default)
  • 'Tis free (at the small cost of small ads across the bottom)

RSS Fetch can be found on the Play Store and has had almost 100 installs to date.