New App

15 March 2015

May I present to you… my latest Android app!

Isn't it beautiful?

It's called RSS Fetch and it's basically a simple RSS feed reader. It allows users to read RSS feeds from their favourite websites and notifies them when they're updated (if automatic updating is enabled). It has a very clean and simple interface that makes it easy to use.

It's not on the Play Store yet, since I'm still working on fixing a few bugs and finishing the localization, but it will be rather soon. Rather than placing a price on this, like I did on the STO Bus Finder, I'm making it free with a tiny ad banner at the bottom so that there's still some profit from it.

I'm making the RSS Fetch app work in three languages - English, French, and Spanish. I'm hoping that this will allow me to reach a larger audience with it. I haven't finished the Spanish translation yet, and I still haven't started the French translation, so that's where most of the delay in getting it on the Play Store is coming from.

I'll post an update once the app's on the Play Store with a more complete feature list.

Miscellaneous Updates

25 November 2014

The STO Bus Finder app reached 15 users! Yay! Celebration! And so forth!

There will be another update to it soonish, as I found a small bug that can occasionally crash the app (although it doesn't cause any actual damage, so I'm not in too much of a rush to fix it). I'll probably take care of that during Christmas break once I don't have to deal with exams and assignments for a while. I hope to also update the screenshots and add some French ones when I have the time.

Also, I found the problem with the art page! Apparently the webserver is now case sensitive, and the difficulties arose from having an uppercase 'S' being where it shouldn't have been. It's fixed now, so feel free to peruse my art. I'll be shrinking and/or optimizing the images quite a bit during Christmas break, especially for the mobile site since the image files are currently quite massive.

This week, my File Renaming Wizard was featured in ARMA's IM Days, having been presented as part of a successful IT solutions case study. More about IM Days can be found at their website if you're interested in taking a look.

There are a couple Android apps I've made for school assignments that I'm considering placing on the Play Store. One of these is a game of hangman (complete with optional fighting stick men), and another is an RSS feed reader that's currently in production. Both of these would probably be free, since similar things are readily available and the chances of me beating the competition seem fairly slim. Since we've been developing primarily for tablets, I would have to adjust them to also display well on phones.

Finally, I recently finished the statistics part of my Program Exit Assessment, so if you would like to have a look at it, I made a PDF version of it available here.

Bus Finder Updated

11 October 2014

Alright! So I finally found some time amidst the schoolwork and updated the STO Bus Finder app a bit. Most notably, the updates include:

  • The enter key on the phone's keyboard now fetches the times and closes the dropdown of recommended stops
  • The clear button on the 'Bus Stop' text field (the little blue 'x') is slightly larger and therefore easier to press
  • Under settings, the option to clear the automatic favourites was added

The new update should be on the Play Store soon, I just have to upload the new package and update the listing (to list the changes and satisfy Google's new requirements for Play Store listings).

I've discovered that the server my site's on doesn't seem to like dishing out certain files such as the images on the art page. It might just be a problem with my code or configuration file, but either way I hope to have that fixed soon.

Status Update

12 September 2014

Hello again, long time no update! I've been busy with work, and more recently with school, so I haven't been taking time to update the blog.

As far as software projects go, I've made a couple fixes to the STO Bus Finder, such as having the enter button fetch the times instead of just making a new line, that I plan to release soonish. I'm finally taking a course in Android development so hopefully I'll be able to improve a lot of other things with it too.

I'll be having a lot of school assignments this semester that if I might post about if they seem awesome enough and I find the time to do so. Noteably, our final project this year is to create a system that will be used by the college so that might be a thing I mention.

Other than that, there's a couple more independent projects that I'm planning on creating, but I don't want to reveal too much about them now (in case I change my mind about them).

Anyhow, that's about it for now; hopefully there will be more to follow soon!

File Renaming Wizard

27 June 2014

Alright, so this will most certainly be useless for anyone that doesn't work in a certain division of Service Canada, but I figured that I'd talk about it here anyway.

With no further ado, I was subcontracted to create a desktop application that allows for easy renaming of multiple files to comply with the new branch-level naming convention. (By my brother who works there; well, we both work there now, although I'm in an entirely seperate division of it… but still)

If you wish to see the application, you can get it here: FileRenamingWizard.exe

(Edit:) Alternatively, if you want the source you can get that here (complete with open-source license):

The file renaming wizard is coded in C# with WPF used for the front-end display. It quite simply renames files that are dropped into it from Windows Explorer with input from the user, while accepting multiple files (which if it didn't it would be kinda useless) and also fetching files from directories dropped into it.

Another significant feature is that it provides a preview screen for any word, html, or text documents and gives a button to open any other types of files.

Some screenshots:

The initial droppable window
The initial droppable window

The processing window
The processing window

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